About the PPM Polish'd Club

The PPM Polish'd Club Keeps you in the loop of all things Polish Pour Moi. Want to know about new releases, contests, giveaways? You'll wanna get signed up RIGHT NOW! Not to mention special discounts for your birthday! Click Here to sign up now!

Polish'd Club FAQs

  • Q: Will I get bombarded with emails?

  • A: No, you'll get your sign-up email including your first discount. The month of your birthday, you'll receive a special birthday discount email. Also, once a month there's a newsletter sent out. Product releases, contests, giveaways and other special things are included in this newsletter. Occasionally, certain circumstances may result in an extra email but it's never more than 3 in a month (excluding order confirmation emails). But no mass emails here.

  • Q: Is there a special discount for signing up?

  • A: Yes! By signing up for the PPM Polish'd Club, you'll get 20% off your first order! Also, you'll get a special birthday discount for your birth month!

  • Q: What's the birthday discount?

  • A: The birthday discount revolves by the year. This year, 2021, the discount is 30% Off on your birthday order!